Cincinnati nature center bird walk Sat. Feb.27

Sorry for late post .Six paired Hooded merganser seen by entire group on Crosley lake. One Purple finch heard at playscape and partially seen flying into Spruce trees. List of birds seen: Canada geese,Mallard,Hooded Merganser, Cooper’s hawk,mourning dove, Red Bellied woodpeckers,2Yellow bellied sapsuckers (sap sucking!) Downy woodpeckers,1 Hairy woodpecker seen before hike,Northern flicker,2 pileated woodpeckers heard only, Bluejay,American crow, Carolina Chickadees( no Blackcaps!),Tufted titmouse, White breasted nuthatches(no red breasted),Carolina wrens, Golden crowned kinglet seen after walk,American robins, Cedar waxwings, Dark eyed juncos, White throated sparrow, Song sparrow, Eastern Towhees, Northern cardinals, Redwing blackbirds, House finch, Purple finch, Pine Siskin, and American goldfinch.

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