ASO Opposes Development in Burnet Woods

The Audubon Society of Ohio has adopted the following open letter, stating our position in opposition to any development of Burnet Woods:

To Whom It May Concern,

The Board of Directors of the Audubon Society of Ohio (Cincinnati Audubon) has approved an official position statement opposing the development of portions of the Cincinnati Park’s 90 acre Burnet Woods site for the following reasons:

• Burnet Woods was established in 1872 as a natural area deserving of protection and is one of Cincinnati’s oldest undeveloped park properties

• Burnet Woods is a well-recognized bird stopover for many species seeking food and shelter during migration

• Burnet Woods is an often utilized bird watching spot for both nesting and migratory birds, and it is widely recognized as such in the local birding community

• Burnet Woods provides pollinator support, a current proven environmental need demonstrated across the country via the existing ecological plant communities

• Burnet Woods supports over 100 tree species including some very large, old specimens that cannot be easily replaced in this or in the next generation

• Research is increasingly pointing to multiple benefits of urban green space preservation to surrounding community members

• Burnet Woods provides important green space within walking distance for an urban residential community, multiple businesses and their employees, and the entire University of Cincinnati student body

Thank you for your serious consideration of these and other points presented on the Burnet Woods development issue by local conservation focused community organizations and citizens including the Audubon Society of Ohio.

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